Property Six: Villas Las Palmas

Very large 2 bedroom condo on the beach in Villas Las Palmas

Comfortably sleeps 8

1/2 mile south of the Marina

5 minutes to town

Beautiful view of town from your patio.

At high tide you can toss a pebble from your patio into the sea.

Contact Tony or Judy to reserve this rental – or Call USA 323-449-1391 / 805-404-7086 / Mx Cell 686-135-8022.

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Please Note

Each property is equiped with a television set and most have satellite from the USA but due to signal weaknesses at times we cannot always guarantee a satellite signal due to being over 100 miles south of the international border; and if we are unable to provide signal we will not be able to refund any expense.
Our clients can bring dvd players and dvd's as well as games for kids to play such as x box etc.